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Will your product work on my wood fence?

Yes. After powerwashing your fence, we recommend using a minimum of two or three heavy applications of one of The Boss™ tinted formulas, topped off with a coat of clear formula. The tinted formulas contain extra ingredients which are specifically designed to help protect your fence from UV damage. In addition, the resins and oils contained in The Boss™ will provide long term dimensional stability to your fence.

The wood siding on my house is faded and dry. What can I use to enliven and brighten the wood? Can I use a tint to match the trim on my house?

Wood siding is best protected with a minimum of three to four coats of The Boss™. The natural oils and resins in all Weather Bos™ formulas are products of the environment, so when you apply them, you're just putting those naturally occurring products back into use! We also have a large variety of custom colors to choose from.

I am an architect and I have a client who is sensitive to almost everything. We have put wood shelving and cabinets throughout his home, and I would like to find a stain or finish product that is nontoxic to him.

All Weather Bos™ formulas are specifically designed to be environmentally safe, and do not contain any dangerous ingredients. The Boss™ is a blend of natural resins and oils, which are low odor and non toxic to the user and environment that we all share.

Is it possible to obtain a shiny or varnished finish using Weather Bos™?

Yes. 1. Apply multiple light applications of The Boss™ on a clean and/or sanded surface, making sure it is dry between applications. Apply multiple applications in direct sun or heat of the day and check between applications to be sure the surface is not sticky or tacky to the touch. Another way to test if the product is properly cured is to place a few drops of water on the surface. If it turns milky or noticeably lightens in color in a ring where the water drop was, this is an indication that the surface is not completely dry. On large surfaces; such as a floor or furniture apply product with a towel or sponge as if you were waxing a car. You can also use an airless sprayer or roller. Using a brush for application is the least desirable. The secret is to get the first 1 or 2 applications to dry completely just below the surface. This creates a barrier for additional light coats to bond to. What you are creating is a monolithic bond from the inside out. This prevents future peeling and at the same time builds a very durable substrate (floors or furniture) preventing water penetration. After you have acquired the desired appearance, which is greatly dependent on the species of wood, you can always maintain it by simply rubbing on another coat or two. This is especially true when scratches or abrasions appear during normal wear and tear. 2. Use heat or a drying agent to effect a quick dry, which will cause the surface to be shiny. The secret is for the surface to dry quickly due to sun or heat, before the product penetrates into the wood.

Will any type of colorant work in The Boss™ formulas?

Use only a water borne or water based pigment. We recommend Huls 896 or equivalent colorant as it is resin based and will not separate and settle like many other universal or powder-based colorants.

I'm trying to darken the color of the wood inside my home in a safe way. Someone told me that linseed oil has been traditionally used to darken wood. What do you think of this method?

Yes, linseed oil will darken your wood but it will also cause future damage because it becomes a food source for the fungi (spora) which is dark in color. Instead of feeding the fungi on your wood we recommend you use one of our tinted The Boss™ formulas, which you can mix and match to find the perfect shade, or even have a custom color made specifically for your project.

I have applied 1 coat of formula 5 to my cedar home, and I am very happy with the color. Why do you recommend 3 applications? I don't want it to change the color.

Applying additional coats of The Boss™ will not necessarily affect the final color. If you have followed closely our specific instructions for proper preparation prior to application of product, you would already know the reason for multiple coats. However, remember the reason you are using The Boss™ formula 5 is not just to make your cedar home look beautiful. This is simply a side benefit of using our highly engineered product. The primary reason for multiple coats is to insure maximum penetration of the much needed natural resins and oils as well as the carefully designed pigments contained in The Boss™, to help provide long term U.V. protection. However, if you have obtained the tone you like, simply dilute the formula 5 on your next coats with clear and gradually convert your last application of The Boss™ to all clear. The clear formula is simply an absence of pigment. It is very important to
complete the entire application procedure by using adequate quantities of product in order to insure the long term results you are wanting and not just a quick fix.

We have installed a water wheel in our creek that flows into a rather large pond, which is home to quite a few different animals. Will The Boss™ be safe to coat the water wheel and then submerge in the water. Will the water wheel retain its color? Which formula do you recommend?

The Boss™ is perfect for treating your water wheel and will provide years of dimensional stability, performance and beauty, provided you use an adequate quantity of product along with proper preparation and application procedures. In addition, any The Boss™ which may be emitted into the water poses no safety threat to any user of that water. The best method of application is to pre-dip or spray numerous heavy coats of The Boss™ on the wheel. Be sure the wheel is completely dry prior to use in the water. The color retention is dependent on using adequate product along with making sure you have maximum penetration. Over time water acts as an abrasive much the same as it forms the rocks in a river bed. Therefore, every few years it may be necessary to reapply additional coats. However, this would primarily be for aesthetic as the level of protection remains essentially the same since the resins in The Boss™ become permanently bonded deep within the wood as a result of molecular compatibility. By using an adequate quantity of the resins contained in The Boss™ will add dimensional stability to the water wheel.

Our company in South Africa is seeking a product which will stop galvanized metal which is used in mines, both above and below the surface, from corroding. Due to the exposed local climatic conditions the galvanized metal is deteriorating very rapidly.

Weather Bos™ will protect galvanized surfaces from corroding. The Boss™ will waterproof and seal the galvanized surface to prevent corrosion, peeling, splitting, etc. All of our products are environmentally safe and highly effective. Apply several applications of Formula 1C under a controlled environment of a dry surface and warm temperature to quickly dry it.

Can I use Weather Bos™ on metal siding or hand rails?

The Boss™ can be used on most metal, including galvanized metal to protect the finish. In addition, you can use The Boss™ on any surrounding areas covered by wood. Apply multiple light coats of The Boss™ to a clean warm surface in direct sunlight, ensuring that the product dries completely between coats.

My mobile home has aluminum siding which has faded and oxidized and needs to be repainted. What do you recommend to bring the luster back?

After making sure the surface has been washed clean from dirt and pollution and is completely dry, apply a minimum of three coats of your choice of The Boss™ formulas in direct sunlight and heat of day, similar to waxing a car.

We are looking for a product which will keep our construction scaffolding from rusting due to exposure to coastal climate.

After the surface has been cleaned of loose material and is completely dry, apply three applications of The Boss™ formulas in direct sunlight and heat of the day, allowing it to dry completely between coats.

My problem is that I have metal posts that have left rusty streaks on my exposed aggregate patio. What do you recommend I do? How do I remove the rust marks?

The solution to your question may be difficult, for as that familiar story goes "you can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear." However, you may be able to correct, to some degree the aesthetic problem you describe.

In the first place, if you had applied a protective coating such as Masonry Boss™ to your aggregate patio as well as The Boss™ to the metal posts when they were new the problem would not have occurred. The only solution now is to first use a minimum 3000 PSI powerwasher to all surfaces including metal and concrete to try and remove as much rust and debris as possible. You can also add a small amount of an abrasive ingredient to the powerwasher such as silica sand which will then clean the surface similar to using a sandblaster. You could also use a strong cleaning agent such as mercuric acid to the aggregate patio. However, this would procedure only be as a last resort and the safest method of use should be carefully followed. There are numerous rust inhibitors and removers used in the auto restoration business, which could also be used. Obviously you can only remove that which is most visible on the surface. When you have cleaned as thoroughly as possible and the aggregate surface and substrate is completely dry, apply 1 good coat of Masonry Boss™. If you desire a tinted color or would like to provide a gloss finish to the patio, apply several coats of The Boss™ to the aggregate patio, metal posts and railings. To obtain a shiny look or gloss finish, always apply The Boss™ in direct sunlight and the heat of the day, making sure each coat is thoroughly dry prior to the next application.

I have a redwood picnic table which I'd like to protect from the weather--both snow and rain. Which product would you recommend?

The Boss™ will protect your picnic table from damage caused by snow and rain, as well as damage from ultraviolet rays. Formula 7 is tinted specifically for the natural tones found in redwood. All formulas may be intermixed to obtain the finished appearance you want.

We are a large manufacturer of patio furniture. We currently offer our customers several different types of natural wood, including mahogany and pine. We have a serious problem due to new government regulations which now prevent us from continuing to use the wood preservative that we have been using. Can you help us?

Certainly, Weather Bos™ was developed to solve the very problem you are describing. The Boss™ can be applied in a controlled atmosphere without harm to the air quality or to your employees. In addition, by carefully following our preparation and application procedures you will be able to offer your customers a finished product that is superior to that which you have been able to produce in the past. The best method of application is to pre-dip all component parts of your furniture prior to assembly. This can be easily added to your manufacturing process by incorporating a spray booth or a dip tank in the assembly line. In many cases we are able to utilize existing equipment. You should also consider using a paint-o-matic vacuum watering machine which is able to apply and dry up to 180 ft. of wood per minute. In any case, the conversion to The Boss™ is not an expensive investment, but rather can be a tremendous cost saving for your overall operation. One of our Weather Bos™ trained technicians will be happy to help you set up the proper application procedures and train your personnel.

I just finished assembling a new hot tub, and am looking for a product which will waterproof the wood and is non toxic.

All of our special formulas are non toxic and environmentally safe, so The Boss™ would be an excellent choice for waterproofing your new hot tub. Liberally apply at least three coats of product to ensure complete penetration and long-term waterproofing of the wood.

Do you have any guarantee of how long your product will last on my wood siding?

The Boss™ has the following warranty:

In lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied, the manufacturer and seller?s only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of WEATHER-BOS™ as is proven to be defective. Seller or manufacturer shall not be liable for loss or damage connected with the use and/or handling of this product. User should determine suitability of this product for the intended use before applying it. User assumes all risk and liability in connection therewith.

We offer two warranties, one for applicators and one for machine application:

When a minimum of 3 coats are applied in accordance with published preparation, application and maintenance procedures, Weather-Bos™ warranties for a period of fifteen (15) years from the date of application:
(* Three Coat Application Only)

CRACK, PEEL AND FLAKE RESISTANCE: Finish coat will not crack, peel or flake from a properly prepared and maintained substrate.

WASHABILITY: Dirt can be removed without damaging the finish.

NON-YELLOWING: White tones and colors will not yellow due to age.

NO CHALK WASHDOWN: Will not cause chalk stains on surfaces below coating.

EROSION: The stain will not erode to expose the substrate.

How long will The Boss™ last on our wood siding?

This question is subject to a great deal of misunderstanding and misinformation. Example: What do the dead bugs and pollution on your cars windshield have to do with the strength, durability or life of the glass. Absolutely nothing! These conditions simply effect the looks or appearance of the glass. Much the same condition exists with your siding after using The Boss™. The natural resins and oils contained in The Boss™ when properly applied become permanently bonded to the cells of wood beneath the surface. Therefore, the secret is to apply all The Boss™ that your siding will absorb after you have powerwashed the surface. The reason for this procedure is to insure maximum penetration of product. You wouldn?t drive your dirty car to an auto paint shop and ask them to simply spray a coat or two over the dirty car surface. In short, The Boss™ never leaves your wood siding, but to retain that new look you should maintain it the same as you do other sections of your home and property i.e.: carpeting, siding, roof, sidewalks, windows, driveway, etc., by powerwashing the siding every year or so and ,if necessary, applying another coat of The Boss™ to enhance the original beauty much the same as waxing your car for added protection.

I started my project using Weather Bos™, but stopped because of winter weather. Now that spring has come I've gone back to finish it and discovered that while stored this past winter in my garage it probably froze. Has this caused damage and should I buy new product and start over again?

Due to very special technology and chemistry, all Weather Bos™ products are not damaged in any way by freezing. When product is kept sealed tightly, it will last in the container for many, many years. If you have added a colorant to the product you may find that the pigment has fallen out of suspension and needs to be remixed. The best methods for remixing Weather Bos™ products is as follows:

1. Use a toilet brush to vigorously stir the product, ensuring that any settlement on the bottom of the container is thoroughly remixed into total suspension.

2. Use your hands to mix product, squeezing out any lumps.

3. Mechanical mixing.

4. Use a paint strainer, cheesecloth or other finely woven cloth to strain out lumps and then squeeze them through the material so they will go back into suspension.

5. After you have completed one or all of the above procedures, pour all of your Weather Bos™ back and forth between all containers to create one complete mixture of product. In this way you will have a very uniform mixture of contents.

6. Before applying Weather Bos™ powerwash the entire surface to remove all dirt and pollution that has accumulated during the winter.

We need more information on how Weather Bos™ is used on outdoor fabrics and why.

The Boss™ (and Marine Boss™) works very well on heavy outdoor fabrics such as awnings, sailcloth, canvas products, or camping equipment. Be sure to clean the fabric surface prior to application, because once you apply The Boss™ whatever dirt or blemishes were there will become a permanent part of the appearance and nearly impossible to remove. To apply The Boss™, Simply use a spray bottle (for a larger surface you can use an airless sprayer or garden sprayer) to apply The Boss™ to the fabric. Apply several light coats, making sure the fabric is dry between applications. Make sure to protect surrounding areas from overspray during application! The Boss™ includes ingredients which provide long-term UV protection, waterproofing and dimensional stability to the fabric. For custom coloring, you can simply add pigments to the clear formula. Be sure to use a high quality colorant, such as the Huls 896 line or the equivalent.

My client is seeking a durable sealant for a canvas awning over his car wash.

Due to its pliability, The Boss™ works well on canvas and other outdoor cloth. Simply apply two or three light coats to the warm surface, allowing to dry completely between coats. Colorant can be added to create any tone desired. Remember, once you have applied The Boss™ to the canvas, any
pre-existing marks or blemishes on the fabric will become permanent.

Our city recently built a major, community- installed playground, which is comprised of wood ladders and bridges, rope railings, little wood castles and boats, and plastic tires and rings. I know that your products are superior for roofs, but can we use them to preserve and protect our children's play area?

Yes, The Boss™ is a perfect formula for playgrounds, as it is nontoxic to children (and of course adults, too!) and will both protect and stabilize the wood. The Boss™ can also be used to protect the rope handrails, the sail for the little sailboat, and the tires and plastic rings. Since playgrounds are heavily used, we recommend at least three coats of The Boss™ on all surfaces as well as a regular maintenance program of cleaning and reapplication to give lasting protection.

I have a home with a stucco finish on the outside walls. The problem is that each year more cracks appear on the sidewall surfaces. I have been told there is nothing I can do to prevent this deterioration. I'm having a similar problem with my sidewalks. Every spring more pieces of the concrete crack and break off. Can your products help correct these problems?

These problems are caused by the freeze/thaw cycle. When it rains, the walls and the sidewalks absorb the water. When the temperature drops, this water freezes, and then melts again when the temperature rises. The resulting deterioration is called dusting, powdering and spalling. After the surface has been cleaned of all loose residue and is completely dry, apply 1 heavy coat of Masonry Boss™ which will eliminate this problem by preventing future penetration of water. If you desire a custom colored finish, you can apply several coats of The Boss™. Once the surface is clean and dry apply The Boss™ in direct sunlight and the heat of day.

I am getting ready to repaint my home and a few out buildings. The outside of the house has a stucco surface and the out buildings are covered in wood siding and I would like the exterior color on them all to match. I was thinking of an off white color with dark green trim. I see that your product is available in different transparent tones but I would like a solid color. Can you help me?

Yes! The Boss™ clear formula can be used as a base for custom coloring. Simply use a high quality pigment such as the Huls 896 resin based line of colorants, or equivalent, to acquire the color you desire. Universal colorants can also be used but experience has shown that their quality is not always dependable and may cause separation. Also, when custom coloring simply follow the formulas and codes which are designed for a clear (not white) base.

We manufacture fiberglass framed windows and doors and are wondering how your product could be used in our facility. We have used Weather-Bos™ before as a protector for our custom log homes and are more than pleased with the results. Please return information on how this could be used on our fiberglass. Information on adhesion is what we are questioning.

Regarding your question on fiberglass: yes, The Boss™ clear formula works very well to protect fiberglass. In addition, The Boss™ clear formula can be custom tinted to match any desired color you may want. However, the application procedure is different from using The Boss™ on wood: You must apply The Boss™ under controlled conditions as follows: 1. The surface of the fiberglass must be dry and warm as well as the application area. 2. Product must be sprayed on the fiberglass component parts or may be dipped in a dip tank allowing excess product to drip off. 3. You need some method of blowing hot air across the surface as product is applied in order to dry The Boss™ as quickly as possible. This can be accomplished by using a heating chamber such as a paint-o-matic vacuum coater or similar machine which applies and dries up to 180 ft. of wood per minute. 4. Surface must be completely dry to the touch prior to additional applications. Remember, fiberglass surfaces will not absorb product uniformly due to the varying porosity of the fiberglass.

My company contracted to build a large industrial center, and we need a product to protect the textured concrete walls. Would your product be effective and economical for large scale application?

By applying with airless sprayers, you can quickly and effectively protect large areas using The Boss™. On concrete walls The Boss™ can be custom colored to provide you with a pleasing color. Be sure surface is dry and apply multiply coats in direct sunlight in the heat of the day. Also, be sure to allow adequate time for drying between application. We offer price discounts for large orders, and complete technical support.

I need a water holdout product for my shower, which is currently leaking.

You did not mention which type of surface your shower is, whether concrete, tile, fiberglass or wood. For wood or fiberglass we recommend using a minimum of 3 applications of The Boss™. For concrete or tile use 1 coat of Masonry Boss™ to prevent water seepage. All surfaces are to be thoroughly cleaned and dry prior to application. However, Weather Bos™ products are not designed to seal cracked or damaged areas.


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