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What is molecular compatibility?

Simply defined this means that the ingredients in Weather Bos™ formulas will permanently join with the natural ingredients contained within the substrate. An example would be to mix corn oil with olive oil. The molecules of corn oil will permanently join with those of the olive oil. This is why it is very important to use as much Weather Bos™ as the surface will absorb.

After reviewing your literature I did not find a statement as to how many years The Boss™ is guaranteed for. What is your guarantee on Weather Bos™?

How long the finished appearance will last depends on a number of factors. Unfortunately, consumers often assume that when the surface no longer has its original beauty whatever stain or finish they applied has failed. First, you must apply a minimum of 3 or more separate applications for a durable, long lasting finish (One coat for Masonry Boss™). The appearance of your the surface after several years does not necessarily reflect to the performance of Weather Bos™ still contained in the area below the surface. In today's market, quality products are recognized and available throughout the global market. When purchasing products produced by companies such as Levi's™, Sony™, Motorola™, Ford™, Nike™, Honda™, Mercedes™, IBM™, etc. the product must compete on the International market based on criteria such as quality, safety, availability and long term performance. The cost of many products and services is often the least important reason for purchasing. Likewise, consumers have come to recognize that guarantees or warranties on products, whether written or implied, are only equal to the integrity of the manufacturer or dealer. As a result, the conditions attached to guarantees and warranties often negate any real benefit, by the time a consumer learns this, "The sale has already occurred"!!...........

The paint industry has often adopted the corporate mentality which dictates the highest volume of sales
at the lowest cost resulting in the greatest level of profit. Many times the intent is not to develop or produce products of high quality and long term performance, but rather to create a market whereby repeat customers are a result of product failure. Again the manufacturers, sales people and applicators use various forms of implied guarantees or warranties as a reason to purchase their products or services. In contrast, Weather-Bos™ has learned that consumers are refusing to pay for products and services which are designed for short term performance regardless of the "Now Factors" used to capture their money.

A little common sense is required by asking the following questions; How long is the windshield or headlights in your new automobile guaranteed?..... How about your tires after driving over a pile of broken glass or nails?..... After running a marathon what would be the retailers' reply if you returned your shoes for a refund?..... Obviously, if the product was defective and the dealer desires your future business, he would replace the item. In contrast, when you drive your new automobile through a sandstorm, is it the responsibility of the manufacturer or dealer to provide you with a free paint job?.....

To answer these confusing issues, Weather-Bos™ maintains a policy of honesty regarding the subject of implied "Guarantees or Warranties." We clearly state on every container ........."We will replace such quantity of Weather-Bos™ as is proven to be defective"...... However, problems related to improper preparation and application along with inadequate quantity of product does not constitute product failure. If the surface and substrate (area below surface) will accept additional product, continue applying as much Weather Bos™ as possible. When applied properly, Weather Bos™ products will protect the surface indefinitely, regardless of its appearance. Eventually the surface will accumulate dirt and pollution and lose its new appearance, which does not affect the protection of the surface in any way, since Weather Bos™ penetrates and monolithically bonds with the surface, making it impossible to remove. Most other finishes simply lay on the top of the surface, and wear off, exposing the surface to damage. Weather Bos™ is both environmentally safe and easy to use, and when properly applied does not wear off as conventional finishes often do. So while the protection will be long lasting, Weather Bos™ cannot stop dirt and pollutants from accumulating on the surface! One way to help your surface stay looking new is to powerwash it once every year or so, and when necessary apply a light coat of Weather Bos™ to maintain the original beauty. This is just like steam cleaning your carpets or washing your car, you don?t necessarily need to wash your car in order to protect the paint job, but if you don?t wash your car for a year or more, eventually it will turn a unpleasant color from the buildup of dirt and pollution. In addition, you will also help protect the surface from UV damage by using Weather Bos™ tinted formulas. Weather Bos™ has developed products which are specifically designed to protect most all surface from the natural occurring methods of deterioration. However, we cannot be responsible for the long term performance or appearance of certain surfaces regardless of what abuse they may be subjected to.

Why is Weather Bos™ so expensive?

The answer is: compared to what? There are many coating products which are far more expensive, and those which will always be less costly. Most consumers recognize that the quality and choice of food at their local McDonalds™ is not the same as the one at their favorite restaurant. On the shelves in your local grocery store you have many choices for a loaf of bread, as well as all other items. Would you pay the same for a T-bone steak as a pound of 50% fat hamburger or fresh orange juice as opposed to orange flavored drink? Likewise, Weather Bos™ products are simply an alternative or option for you to choose from.

I need a confirmation for the local government authorities that Weather Bos™ products are effective against insects, termites, fungus, mildew and other harmful agents while also being environmentally safe.

You have hit upon a very important and often misunderstood subject. Weather Bos™ is effective in protecting the wood from insects and other harmful agents and is also environmentally safe. Weather Bos™ products have been scientifically developed to counteract ALL the methods of exterior deterioration by duplicating the natural defense or immune system contained in a live, healthy tree. Termites and other insects do not attack live, HEALTHY trees. If you look at wood that has been damaged by insects, you'll find that they leave the knots in the wood alone, which are high in resin content. Weather Bos™ re-introduces the natural ingredients of resins and oils once contained in the live healthy trees, which then help revitalize and protect the wood from ALL types of damage. Unfortunately, other products claim the benefits of insect or harmful agent control by using harmful ingredients. Therefore, when any manufacturer claims to control foreign growth or insects it automatically triggers the authorities of a host of Government agencies who may have the responsibility of regulating products containing dangerous ingredients.

The Boss™ does not contain any dangerous ingredients to kill insects and pests or control the growth of moss or mildew which require government registration. It is impossible to include chemicals designed to kill and at the same time be environmentally safe. Many coating products contain very dangerous biocides, fungicides and mildewcides which are only used for the purpose of killing insects or natural occurring foreign growth such as moss or mildew. Look up the definition for homicide and you will see how these products are designed for one thing: to kill, and in order to do this they are toxic not only to insects and pests, but also to applicators, property owners and the environment.

Historically, the coating industry has produced a variety of products with one or more additives to address only one or two issues (such as UV protection or insect damage), rather than carefully blending a multiple of natural ingredients to counteract ALL the methods of deterioration. As a result, the subject becomes very confusing when a certain product claims certain narrow benefits such as insect protection.

Within the global market consumers as well as government agencies are demanding the removal of dangerous toxic ingredients. Some of the agents used by these manufacturers are Folpet (N-(trichloromethylthio) phthalimide), Bis (tributlytin) oxide, Copper Napthenate, Pentachlorophynol (PCP?s) Copper 8 Quinolinolate, or Zinc Naphthenate and CCA (pressure treated wood). Products which contain these or other such dangerous ingredients are often required to register with a Government agency such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and must place a warning label or registration number on all containers in order to warn the consumer that the product contains ingredients which have been determined to be harmful to the user and the environment. These companies and their products are REQUIRED to register much the same as a convicted sex offender is required to register with local authorities because they are a proven threat to society. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are very clever at hiding or designing their use of dangerous ingredients and consequential labeling procedures. It is very common for them to claim that they are approved for sale by certain government agencies when in fact what the agency is actually saying is that they have registered their dangerous product as required by law and must continue to participate in governmental registration and testing programs due to their use of dangerous ingredients. Once these companies register their toxic products with the EPA they cannot improve or change their product line unless they reregister each time with the EPA or other such governmental agencies. This creates a required registration process which locks many coatings companies into one product formula which they cannot
change without once again going through the registration process. Since The Boss™ contains no harmful ingredients requiring registration with any government agency, we have the freedom to continually update and improve our formulas due to our ongoing research and development program.

The truth is not always pleasant. Governmental agencies in their effort to remain popular may have a tendency to deny or mask unpleasant truths. Consumers often react only to that which they want to hear, regardless of whether it is the truth. Environmental damage cannot be reversed overnight and the lack of a ?quick fix? may not win a politician many votes. We elect and promote the people who say what we want to hear, rather than the facts, and then blame them when their promises turn to acid rain, and the pollution conditions worsen.

Hazardous ingredients are among the least expensive and therefore are often favored by those whom Weather-Bos™ refers to as the "Poison Purveyors" or many of the so-called leaders within the paint industry, whose products are defined by the scientific community as "junk products." The cost of the container holding such products is often more than the cost of the ingredients. In addition, there is all the expensive high profile advertising programs to pay for! The dollar percentage spent on the actual product and continuing research is often minuscule compared to that spent on marketing, which has resulted in the absence of environmentally safe products available to the consumer on the open market.

There often exists an unfair economic advantage for companies who choose to use hazardous ingredients in their products, for it is less expensive to manufacture products containing inferior and often hazardous ingredients which give minimum results, as compared to environmentally safe products which are designed for long term performance. Isn't it interesting that many manufacturers using the most hazardous ingredients often enjoy the highest profit levels with their products designed for short-term performance? Weather-Bos™ firmly believes that companies manufacturing products containing hazardous ingredients have a responsibility to develop new, environmentally safe products. Yes, it is difficult and sometimes more costly, but not impossible. Weather-Bos™ refuses to use hazardous ingredients, regardless of cost. Consumers will ultimately decide how to solve this problem, because in a market-driven economy, there can be no market without demand. By simply refusing to purchase and use products that contain potentially harmful ingredients, consumers can force companies to develop products that are environmentally safe and avoid the problem of more toxic dumps.

Is Weather Bos™ registered with the EPA or other such governmental agencies? If not why?

Weather-Bos™ has always complied with any regulation of various State and Federal governmental agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When most consumers see an EPA registry number or other government agency number on a product, they believe that the product is somehow approved or endorsed by the EPA as being safe. Nothing could be further from the truth, for many products require registration with the EPA, and the following are a few examples of conditions which could require such registration:

1. The product claims to be a "preservative."
2. The product claims to control the growth of moss, mildew or fungus, etc.
3. The product claims to provide protection against various pests, such as termites, etc.
4. The product includes hazardous ingredients for the purposes stated above.

Weather-Bos™, which uses only natural environmentally safe ingredients, is not required to register with the EPA or any other government agency based on containment of dangerous chemicals. However, Weather-Bos™ is often prohibited from using the descriptive term "preserve or preservative", in connection with any advertising or promotion. To do so triggers the authority of the EPA or other government agency to investigate and ultimately require the products' registration. Weather-Bos™ has been tested by a representatives of the EPA and a subsequent report determined that Weather-Bos™ did not include ingredients which would require registration, although the EPA letter included a statement that any information contained in their report could not be used by Weather-Bos™ in the labeling, advertising or other promotions of the product analyzed. Talk about a vicious circle, this may be the ultimate "Catch 22" situation! We are unable to truthfully advertise as a preservative because Weather-Bos™ does not contain hazardous ingredients! Why not, if it's the truth? The problem is created by the method in which the EPA defines the use of the term preserve or preservative. As an example, how many consumers actually know the difference between a "preserve" and a "conserve"? Within the food industry, fruit spreads are defined as preserves or conserves depending upon the percentage of sugar. However, within the paint industry, the EPA has defined a "wood preservative" as a product which may include hazardous ingredients for the purpose of killing or controlling the growth of moss, fungus, mildew, and such pests as termites etc. Any product claiming these benefits or containing hazardous ingredients are required to register with the EPA. As consumers demand environmentally safe products, they look for the EPA registry number as though it were the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval"! However consumers remain naive, and the EPA is unable to dispel the false perception that the registration number is somehow an endorsement of the product. Just the opposite is true, and the consumers misinformation often insures the success of such products and ultimately irrevocable damage to the environment. Weather-Bos™ believes that any EPA or other governmental registration number should be accompanied by a warning, similar to that found on cigarettes and should display a danger symbol warning the consumer as to the danger in using such product.

Weather-Bos™ does not envy the EPA or other governmental agencies for their job of monitoring the manufacture, sale, use and disposal of the various products used by consumers. Every year thousands of products are registered with the EPA containing hazardous ingredients which are then sold throughout the country, and Weather-Bos™ believes the EPA must take a closer look at those products which are not environmentally safe. Weather-Bos™ feels the EPA should require that all products meet basic safety standards or simply TAKE THEM OFF THE MARKET!!

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